Why I Like Lenexa

Our 4th of July celebrations. In normal years, the Freedom Run followed by breakfast at a local church, or lodge, then sitting back and watching our Community Days parade through Old Town. Do you know the origin of the Lenexa Louie-Louie Band? In the 1990’s, our daughters were in the SM West Marching Band and we were “Band-Aides”. My wife decided the parade needed a band and recruited our daughters and other band kids with the promise of a T-shirt. The group marched and played the West fight song and Louie-Louie and a tradition was born.

Why I Like Lenexa

WHY I LIKE LENEXA. The Lenexa Community Center has long been a focal point in Old Town. Did you know the Senior Center (the small building just west of the Community Center) was once Lenexa’s City Hall? The planned renovations will combine the two centers under one roof and create more amenities to enhance the Old Town neighborhood. This project was put on hold due to the pandemic, but I expect to see it restarted soon.

Lenexa Community Center Plans
Aerial view of plans for Lenexa Community Center and grounds

Why I like Lenexa


I began my professional engineering career 48 years ago when I joined Terracon, then a small, Iowa-based firm. Terracon opened an office in Lenexa in 1978 and I transferred here from Iowa to become chief engineer in 1985. Did you know Terracon has been here in Lenexa continuously since 1978? Did you know Terracon employs more than 5500 people? I was proud to serve Terracon for 47 years and to serve on their board for 21 years.

Excerpt from Shawnee Mission Post Article

Lenexa City Council wards 3 and 4 candidates on the issues: Planning for the future

In early June, we asked our readers about the issues you wanted to hear the candidates running for Lenexa City Council in wards 3 and 4 address in the lead up to the Aug. 3 primary.

Based on your feedback, we developed a five-item questionnaire touching on the most important issues to the citizens of Lenexa.

Each day this week, we have published the candidates’ responses to one of these five questions. Read the candidates’ responses to previously published questions about affordable housing, the east-west divideclimate change and property tax.

Below are the candidates’ responses to item five:

  • Lenexa has experienced considerable growth in recent decades — both in terms of business development and population. What do you see as the biggest challenges on the horizon for the city as it continues to grow? What should city government be doing now to prepare for those challenges?

Craig K. Denny

As we rebound from the effects of the pandemic, initiatives that were put on hold will be restarted and in-person events and festivals will begin again. An immediate challenge with increasing growth, is recruiting, hiring and retaining critical city employee positions.

Lenexa should continue to encourage development consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan and invest wisely in key commercial areas.

Lenexa should engage with the countywide UCS Housing Task Force to consider affordable housing options. Transportation needs should be considered as a part of those discussions. Lenexa can better address these and other issues of common interest by collaborating on a countywide, if not metro-wide basis with other communities and stakeholders.

To address forthcoming challenges and opportunities, Lenexa’s Mayor and City Council recently
established guiding principles, which I fully support.

The Mayor and City Council commit to responsible governance and pledge that local decisions will be made in a transparent, thoughtful, and inclusive manner. We strive to do the right things for the right reasons guided by core principles.

With respect to Responsible Economic Development, Lenexa’s guiding principle states:

Fortify the city’s economic base by encouraging high-quality private development as well as fostering economic opportunity through thoughtful planning processes and the appropriate use of economic development investment programs.

I support continued responsible growth and development across Lenexa.


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